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fun fact

being in love with your best friend who's in a committed, loving, disgustingly cute relationship

sucks balls

especially when you live together

Carry Me Home

SO. It's been a while since I posted, and I totally meant to make one like a week ago but then got distracted.

In order to make up for my absence, I bring to you: Carry Me Home, a playlist for the core group of friends in my Untitled Gay Superhero Project. The group consists of Max, Eric, Scott, and Misha, with some people who float in and out sometimes, but it's always always them. If you are interested in them and their interests, you can go here. (That whole blog is dedicated to UGSP, mostly character references and such. If you have a Tumblr, you should totally follow. Even though I haven't updated it in a while because I've been distracted with my NaNo.)

But anyway, here's the playlist:

I hope you all enjoy, and if anyone else is doing NaNo, I hope you're doing well!

Because I'm Awesome

So I just dropped my class about Lovecraft and feel better already. Probably helps that if I hadn't, I would be otherwise engaged in writing my midterm right now.

In the spirits of feeling good, I bring you today's musical offering:

Because I'm Awesome, The Dollyrots

I found this song on a character playlist (for Lydia Martin, from Teen Wolf. Yeah, in case you don't follow me on tumblr, it's my most recent obsession.) ANYWAY. the song immediately stood out to me, and I love it partly because the lyrics are kind of cheesy, but also because it's super catchy and just a nice anthem to rock out to when you're feeling good. Also it's really easy to learn the words to--on my first listen, I was singing along by the time the second chorus came around.

So yeah. I really love that song. Also, I really love Teen Wolf, and if you haven't given in yet, I highly recommend you should. Just sayin'.

And now I'm going to go listen to the Bowling for Soup cover of this song and do my French homework.

The Naked and Famous

So even though I got up early to work on my French oral exam, I decided to procrastinate anyway and give you guys some music instead! (And because the first song was stuck in my head when I woke up.)

Girls Like You, The Naked and Famous

I found this song through the preview for The First Time (which needed to come out nationally like last week, ugh.) I was watching the preview over and over again because of reasons (those reasons being Dylan O'Brien) and eventually the song started to stick out to me and I started humming it afterwards and so then I looked it up and downloaded it. I like the slow build of it, and the almost hypnotizing feel to it.

Punching In a Dream, The Naked and Famous

This was actually the first song I ever heard by The Naked and Famous, and from what I've gathered, their most popular. It came on Pandora while I was at work once, and I had to make sure to write it down and find it when I got out. I'm not sure why exactly I like this song so much--probably something to do with the lyrics, the way the woman sounds when she sings, the driving guitars, and/or the way it all just comes together. I dunno. I just really like it.

I also just realized that these songs are kind of inverses of each other--Girls Like You, while not slow, starts off pretty mellow and then builds, while Punching In a Dream starts off strong and mostly stays there. Also, the male vocalist sings the majority of Girls Like You, while the female vocalist does in Punching In a Dream.

I kind of really want to get into The Naked and Famous. I like their sound, I like their lyrics; pretty much every song I've heard of theirs I liked, at least on a surface level. SO. I would highly recommend getting into them along with me. :)

And now I'm going to at least vaguely attempt to study for my French exam.

A Better Son/Daughter

I've decided I'm not on here enough, so I want to post the songs I've been listening to the past few days/weeks/months. I might even post the playlists I've made for my Untitled Gay Superhero Project over the next few days. :)

Alright, the first one:

A Better Son/Daughter, by Rilo Kiley

This song may be kind of sad to start off this whole thing with, but I've been falling in love with it over the past couple of weeks. While the general consensus seems to be that it's about bipolar disorder, which I do not have, I still really connected with it--because while I may suffer from depression, I don't feel it all the time. Sometimes I even feel great. But then it sets in and starts to suck all over again. And I just really love the girl's voice and the way it starts out quiet but then kind of explodes.

So yes. That's my first of my possibly daily, at least weekly music recommendations. :)

H'okay, so:

A run-down of my trip to New Orleans, from start to finish:

Under the cut because it's long as fuck.Collapse )

And now, to go finish up homework that I've been skimping on.
But that's okay, because it is MY 21ST BIRTHDAY!

I skipped school to head to New Orleans with my mom, because her friend's daughter is getting married down here. It's been pretty fun; last night we went on the Vampire Tour, and then today we went to the Hard Rock, then walked around a lot of the French Quarter, then I had a Hurricane at O'Brien's and Jesus it was HUGE and I don't really drink all that fast, so it took me like an hour to finish but I did and so now I'm a wee bit tipsy. It's kind of nice.

But yeah. WHOO for 21st birthdays, amirite?
I'm stealing these questions again from britticism because I can and I'm procrastinating.

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So...I may be getting a new car?

My car has been losing power lately; we thought it might be the transmission, but it turns out that it's a combination of things are all sucking the juice out of my engine, and in total will probably run between $1500-$1800, which...is stupid to pay for it, because that, combined with all the other things I've done to my car this year, will mean I've put as much into my car (just this year) as I paid for it to begin with. I mean, I could buy a whole other (probably really shitty) car for $1800.

So yeah. We're gonna look around at cars and see if anything is worth buying; if not, we'll fix a little bit of my car and hope it'll get me by until we find something that IS worth buying.

But that's the bad news. The good news is that I have Christmas cards to send out! They're very pretty and glittery. I've got sixteen of them left; if any of you would like one, just leave a comment, (screened for privacy of course) and I'll try to get them in the mail by Monday. I can't guarantee they'll be there by Christmas, but it will be very close to it, hopefully. SO. Yes.

I hope everyone is doing well! :)

Writer's Block: What’s on your mind?

Peeta-whats-his-face is a dick. (Or their helper dude, I don't know, whoever put him up to saying that STUPID THING at the end of part one.) I now understand why people hate him, or...whatever they do with him.

I need a shower. But it's 2:41 in the morning and I'm at home so I can't unless I want to wake up my mom.

Cherry apple cider is fucking delicious.

I wish Livejournal weren't so dead anymore; I kind of miss it.
What are you thinking about right now?


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